Compare prices across stores.

Save money, save time.

Unocart lets you compare in-store prices, giving you choices and putting you in control. 


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How Unocart users earn money through the app:

  • Earn points by uploading shopping receipts

  • Earn points by telling brands what you think with surveys

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How you can save over $30 every week


Compare prices across stores


Browse weekly catalogues from different stores


Have your weekly shopping list in one place


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Unocart gives our users the power to make their best decision, every time, every trip.

“I can search my shopping list with a click of a button and find the best prices for all my items.”

Ruth B.

“Being able to see prices from different stores before going saves me so much time.”

Joel C.

“Love seeing comparison between stores. I saved $36 on my last grocery trip. Thanks you!”

Julia M.